CountDown Clock in Silverlight 4

By Fons Sonnemans, posted on 01-Apr-2010

A while ago I wrote a FlipClock Silverlight 3 application. I have modified it into a CountDown Clock which you can configure using InitParams. It is written in Silverlight 4 and uses the new Viewbox control to make it scalable. I hope you like it.

You can download the sourcecode from here.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

< object data ="data:application/x-silverlight-2," type ="application/x-silverlight-2"



    <paramname="initParams"value="title=Silverlight 4 RTW,date=2010-04-13 08:00AM-8:00"/>




    <ahref=""style="text-decoration: none">

        <imgsrc=""alt="Get Microsoft Silverlight"

            style="border-style: none"/>


</ object >


Get Microsoft Silverlight

< param name ="initParams" value ="title=New Year,date=2012-1-1" />

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