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This is my second day at TechEd. Yesterday was a good day. The Keynote started with a demo by a blind person (sorry I forgot his name). He demonstrated how difficult it is to surf the internet when you are blind and what we ‘developers’ should do to help him. The drum’s where very nice. It is funny to hear 6000 nerds drum. For the rest the keynote was boring.

I went to a very nice session WIN320 IIS and ASP.NET security. Not overwhelming but nice. My next session on DAT313 SQL Server 2005 Data Transformation Services was also nice. DTS has been greatly improved (at last).

The last two sessions did not really satisfy me. This could be my own fault. I was tired so I couldn’t concentrate very well.

I went to eat with my good friend Paul and some of his colleagues, Thai always good.

Today I’m going to a XP programming, InfoPath, WSE SQL 2005 session. Hope to enjoy myself. In the evening there is a big country party where we will watch the football game Portugal-The Netherlands. Hope we will win but once again I’m not very optimistic.

O yeah let’s finish with the orange bag. How ugly can you make it. Ok it’s orange which at the moment is nice but the model is useless. I was hoping to get a bag which I could use for my new laptop. This isn’t it.



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