Windows Vista RC1 First Impressions

By Fons Sonnemans, posted on

I have just installed the RC1 version of Windows Vista (Build 5600). My first impressions aren't good. It is slow: moving around my mouse cursor on an empty desktop makes my processor go up to 40%. Deleting 12GB took 25 minutes. I have a 2.6Mhz AMD processor, 1.5Gb RAM, SATA harddisk and a NVIDIA FX6200 graphics card. It looks like this is not enough.

It is buggy: IE7 crashed already 4 times when visiting my favorite sites.

Worst of all is the fact that Visual Studio 2005 Professional isn't working. It won't start. I get the following error dialog:

The Vista UI looks slick. I hope Microsoft will be able to fix my problems soon. For now I will have to keep working on my XP machine. I can also go back to the Beta2 version in which VS2005 worked well.



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