Touch Gesture Triggers for Windows Phone 7 projects in Blend 4.0

By Fons Sonnemans, posted on

The Windows Phone 7 supports single and multi touch gestures. I have implemented the Tap, Double Tap and the Touch&Hold gestures using Triggers. You can use them to trigger an Action in Expression Blend.

You first have to reference the GestureTriggersLibrary. Then you add an Action to a control using the Behavior assets. Finally you change the TriggerType using the New button.

The following example has tree TextBlock controls on with a ChangePropertyAction attached to it. This action sets the Text of the red TextBlock (textBlockResult) using the Tap, Double Tap or Touch and Hold GestureTriggers.

There is also a Flick Gesture Trigger which is created by Jocelyn Villaraza. Expect to see more Behaviors, Actions and Triggers for the WP7 soon.

You can download the April CTP sourcecode from here

Update 22-7-2010
The beta version doesn't support the IsTapEvent property on ManipulationCompletedEventArgs. I have fixed this using an extension method. You can download the Beta sourcecode from here.



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