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In Windows XP all wizard dialogs have a nice looking header. This WizardHeader control can be used to add these headers to your wizard forms.


The following steps explain how you can use the WizardHeader control in your WinForm projects.

Step1 - Download the Zip file and extract it.
Download  and extract it to you local harddrive. This version was compiled using the final version of Microsoft .NET Framework SDK. The C# source of the WizardHeader control is included.

Step2 - Design the Form
Create a Windows Application project.

Step3 - Add the WizardHeader control to the Toolbox
Right-click the Toolbox and select 'Customize Toolbox...'Select the '.NET Framework Components' Tab and click the 'Browse' button.


Open the 'WizardControlLibary.dll' in the Wizard\WizardControlLibrary\Bin\Release folder. The 'WizardHeader' control is checked and will be visible in the Toolbox. Click OK.

Step4 - Add a WizardHeader to the form and set its properties 

Set the properties:

  • Text
  • Description
  • Image

Step5 - Run the application



The WizardHeader control is an small control. Use it in your wizard forms or study it to learn more about creating .NET controls.

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