C# 3.0 looks like Smalltak

By Fons Sonnemans, posted on

Many years ago I programmed in Smalltalk (Enfin which later became ObjectStudio). I have always liked it although it was not very programmer friendly (no IntelliSense). I have just wachted this C# 3.0 Language Enhancements in action video. The shown Extension Methods feature realy looks like the Secondary Class files of Smalltalk. Nice to see them back, they where very handy.

In the following example I have added the 'IsPrime()' method to the 'Int32' type. The 'this' keyword in front of the 'number' parameter of the IsPrime() method did the real trick. This makes it an Extension Method.

class Program {
   &nbspstaticvoid Main(string[]args){
   &nbsp   &nbspConsole.WriteLine(5.IsPrime());// true
   &nbsp   &nbspConsole.WriteLine(9.IsPrime());// false
   &nbsp   &nbspConsole.WriteLine(23.IsPrime());// true

staticclass Extensions {

   &nbsppublicstaticbool IsPrime(thisintnumber){
   &nbsp   &nbspif(number==1||number==2||number==3){
   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbspreturntrue;
   &nbsp   &nbsp}
   &nbsp   &nbspif((number%2)==0){
   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbspreturnfalse;
   &nbsp   &nbsp}
   &nbsp   &nbspintsqrt=(int)Math.Sqrt(number);
   &nbsp   &nbspfor(int t =3; t <=sqrt; t = t +2){
   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbspif(number% t ==0){
   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbspreturnfalse;
   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbsp}
   &nbsp   &nbsp}
   &nbsp   &nbspreturntrue;



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