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For a long time I thought that I only had to set the Cursor.Current to a WaitCursor before a long running operation, the .NET runtime would reset it back to the Default cursor. Turns out that this is only true when the mouse is moved. Bummer.

// Cursor.Current are automatically reset to Default when the
// mouse is moved and the application is idle!
Cursor.Current = Cursors.WaitCursor;

The solution for this problem is very easy. I created a helper class called WaitCursor which set the Cursor.Current and restores it to the original value when it it disposed.

public sealed class WaitCursor : IDisposable {   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbsp
   &nbspprivate Cursor _prev;

   &nbsppublic WaitCursor(){
   &nbsp   &nbsp_prev= Cursor.Current;
   &nbsp   &nbspCursor.Current = Cursors.WaitCursor;

   &nbsppublicvoid Dispose(){
   &nbsp   &nbspCursor.Current =_prev;

I create the instance of the WairCursor class inside a using statement. This will automatically call the Dispose() method when it goes out of scope.

using ( new WaitCursor()){
   &nbsp// long running operation, for example:

Afterwards I did some searching around on the web. Turns out I'm not the first to come up with this solution. Charlie Poole already posted it a few years ago. Another bummer.

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