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I have written a Silverlight Minesweepe game in October 2008. I just published an improved version on Silver Arcade which support right mouse click. I implemented it using the following RightMouseTrigger. You can set the SetHandled property to true. This stops the MouseRightButtonDown event from bubbling to it's parent.

I really love Behaviors, Actions and Triggers. I hope you like it too.

public class RightMouseTrigger : EventTriggerBase<Control> {

    protectedoverridestring GetEventName() {



    #region SetHandled Dependency Property


    /// Get or Sets the SetHandled dependency property. 


    publicbool SetHandled {

        get { return (bool)GetValue(SetHandledProperty); }

        set { SetValue(SetHandledProperty, value); }



    /// Identifies the SetHandled dependency property.

    /// This enables animation, styling, binding, etc...


    publicstaticreadonlyDependencyProperty SetHandledProperty =





    #endregion SetHandled Dependency Property

    protectedoverridevoid OnEvent(EventArgs eventArgs) {

        var ea = eventArgs asMouseButtonEventArgs;

        if (ea != null && SetHandled) {

            ea.Handled = true;





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