My LicenseManager class for the Windows Phone

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I have developed a few Windows Phone apps which support a Trial mode. In these WP7 apps I use the static IsTrial property of my LicenseManager class to check if the user is using a paid or trial version. This class uses the IsTrial() method of the Microsoft.Phone.Marketplace.LicenseInformation class if you are running in configuration 'Release' mode. If you are developing and running in configuration 'Debug' mode it will return true if the TRIAL conditional compilation symbol is set in your project properties. This makes it easy to test the Trial mode in your code.


    using System;
using Microsoft.Phone.Marketplace;

namespace ReflectionIT.TattooTester.Helpers {

    internalstaticclass LicenseManager {

        privatereadonlystaticbool _isTrial;

        static LicenseManager() {
            _isTrial = true;
            _isTrial = new LicenseInformation().IsTrial();

        publicstaticbool IsTrial {
            get { return _isTrial; }


Project Properties

If you want to test Trial mode add the TRIAL conditional compilation symbol. If not remove it or run in configuration 'Release' mode.



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