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SQL Server 2008 HierarchyID Data Type


The Dutch Microsoft .NET magazine #22 (September 2008) contains an article I have written an Introduction to the SQL Server 2008 HierarchyID Data Type. You can download the complete source of the article here. In this source I also fixed the problem with the IsDescendant() method. This method was renamed in RC0, my article was based on a Beta. The method is renamed to IsDescendantOf() and the argument has also changed.

The article is available online in PDF format on Please note that the article is in Dutch. The complete .NET magazine #22 is available online here.

Updated my DAL article!


I have updated my DAL article which I wrote late 2002. This article was one of my first aricles and needed an update. The download project now also contains a .NET 2.0 project. It uses the new TraceSource class for tracing purposes. I hope you like it.

SQL-strings considered harmful


Did you know that any malicious user can corrupt your database by injecting harmful SQL strings? To prevent SQL injection, you can use the parameters collections when building SQL strings. However, I developed a more sophisticated method to construct SQL statements from user's input and execute them safely. In this article I describe how to write and execute SQL statements by using objects instead of SQL strings. These objects also address specific SQL statement syntax issues on different RDBMS: they enable you to write generic and RDBMS independent code.

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